Revolution­ising bioanalytics

Bioanalytics is a highly complex and exacting process. We make sure it’s no more complex than it needs to be.


Digital fingerprints in 4 minutes


Precision MIR Spectroscopy


Reliable results every time

Results at the speed of excellence

Effective bioanalytics is critical to safeguarding quality across life science applications. And speed, accuracy and reproducibility are of the essence in all areas. Which is why we have completely rethought chemical analytics, a unique combination of chemometrics and state of the art spectroscopic technology. Or to sum it up in a few words: better quality results, faster.

What makes an
ideal analytics solution:

Reliable results ensure good science

‍Go from liquid to code in four minutes

Assured thanks to precise MIR Spectroscopy

All in one solution for the entire value chain

Combined effect
Gets you to market faster


Unique performance from a one-of-a-kind machine

Read the chemical fingerprint of a liquid sample and generate a reliable digital fingerprint. At speed. All thanks to Mira, our proprietary hardware with AquaSpec™ technology. Mira is pre-set to generate fast, accurate, and reproducible data packages without need of time-consuming calibration and sample preparation. It’s the only Mid Infrared (MIR) Spectroscopy solution that allows the highly reproducible acquisition of spectra from aqueous samples and also the only one that generates a digital fingerprint in the machine.

How Mira supports you:

Self-calibrating device enabling efficient sample measurement

User-, location-, and device-independent analytics

Highly sensitive for greater accuracy

Delivers reliably reproducible results which are fully transferrable

Ultra-thin flow cell:

7–10 µm

MIR measurements in aqueous solutions:

930–3050 cm-1


A toolbox that enables all-round quality

Sphere is our software collection that enables the rapid analysis, identification and evaluation of chemometrics using standardized chemical and physical methodologies. With Sphere you can extend the large database for pattern recognition and smart specification. You can build your own autonomous analytical methods.

How Sphere supports you:

Samples are automatically read by Mira

The Sphere cloud algorithm automates evaluation

Automatic data transfer to cloud will also be possible soon

Sphere cloud offers secure and encrypted storage space for measurements

Evaluation Apps are currently in development by our Data Science Department

Clients are able to build their evaluation methods in the cloud

Develop methods On-the-fly with a global impact

MIRA Analyzer + SPHERE

An efficient symbiosis

MIRA and SPHERE are purpose-designed to work together as a unified platform. Together, they enable the consistent, reproducible generation of standardized data, independent of device, user, or location.

By combining MIRA and SPHERE: together with our partners we create the global standard for bioanalytics by revolutionizing the way we obtain, translate, interpret and compare information derived from all chemicals.

Experience measurement and evaluation in seamless combination

Let users benefit from an ever-growing database

Enable management of ever-changing complexity

Application Notes

We make all the difference to lives in these areas of application

Procedures we provide:

Manufacturing Quality Control

Protein Characterization


Fast Batch Release



Process Control

Waste Water Analysis

Markets we serve:





Our partners:

Rentschler Biopharma
bene pharmaChem
Boehringer Ingelheim

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This is us

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Robert Seidel, Andreas Wolf, and Ralf Masuch as micro-biolytics GmbH, our company has over two decades’ experience in consulting and developing MIR-based solutions. While much has changed over the years, including our name, our approach has remained constant in two regards. First, we always question the status quo and, second, we consistently go above and beyond what our customers expect of us.

Today, our team includes 80+ experts in Research, Hardware and Software Engineering, Data Science, Chemometrics, Quality management, and Service. And includes personalities from 10+ nationalities. Together, we’ve built a shared innovation culture characterised by a refreshingly flat hierarchy across our bases in Esslingen, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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