MIRA Analyzer


Digitize your Bioanalytics

It is our goal to build a reliable symbiosis of technology and data so you can focus on solutions that really matter. Bioanalytics is a highly complex and exacting process. We make sure it’s no more complex than it needs to be. Which is why we have completely rethought biochemical analysis: the unique combination of state-of-the-art spectroscopic hardware Mira and our chemometrics software Sphere delivers higher efficiency through better quality results, faster.

The MIRA Analyzer records a chemical fingerprint  of  a liquid sample, independent of device, time, user, and location and is thus truly digital and transferable. Mira and Sphere enable you to build customized databases and use targeted algorithms to answer multiple analytical questions about quality control, especially during the development and manufacturing stages of your biologics. The CLADE approach leads to reduction of complexity, effort, and time as well as increase in efficiency and quality. CLADE’s technology is market-proven and is already in use by key biopharma market leaders, throughout their development and manufacturing stages.

  • Mira records exceptionally precise mid-IR spectra of aqueous samples in transmission mode over the analytically relevant wavenumber range (3050 to 980 cm-1).

  • Mira’s automated instrument test guarantees functionality of all critical components and thus secures superior data quality.

  • Mira comes with automated sample and reference injection, automated correction of atmospheric influences, automated determination of optical path length, and automated cleaning and rinsing of the entire system.

  • With Mira, device-, time-, user- and location-independent spectral databases can be built and used as a basis for a wide range of AI powered applications. Develop and validate methods once and make them available worldwide.

User-friendly maintenance
All user touchpoints are optimized in terms of usability. It is easy to exchange filters, pump heads or dry cartridges with only a few minutes of hands-on-time.

High-end detector
A sophisticated MCT-detector with maintenance-free thermo-mechanical cryo-cooling delivers an exceptionally good signal-to-noise ratio.

Automatic sample handling
The liquid-handling robot frees up your time for important tasks and reduces human error by fully automating the injection of your samples.

Comprehensive Instrument Test
Every day, the MIRA Analyzer performs an instrument test to ensure that all components work flawlessly. Spectrometer, Fluidics, Flow Cell, Detector: All of them are tested to guarantee superior quality of your data.

Repeatable measurements:
Anywhere, Anytime

A precisely orchestrated measuring procedure in combination with perfekt correction of atmospheric influences creates true digital fingerprints: Transferable and reproducible.

AquaSpecTM inside
Our patented AquaSpecTM technology is part of the MIRA Analyzer. A 7 µm flow cells enables MIR transmission spectroscopy.

Exceptionally high degree of Standardization

To demonstrate the analytical performance of the instrument, a series of measurements of glycerol in water in the concentration range from 0 g/L to 200 g/L was measured in equidistant 20 g/L steps with Mira.

Very high dynamic range

R2 > 0.999

Exceptional high spectral repeatability (single device)

RSD < 0.5 %

Outstanding signal-to-noise ratio

peak-to-peak signal-to-noise better than 10000:1

High resolution

4 cm-1


4 min measurement time

Measurement range

3050 to 980 cm-1

Figure 1: Standard absorption spectra. A series of measurements of glycerol in water in the concentration range from 0 g/L to 200 g/L was measured in equidistant 20 g/L steps with Mira.

High models accuracy and robustness

The spectra were pre-processed with a Savitzky-Golay filter before being used for the PLS model calibration. A PLS model was generated with two factors. The optimal number of factors was determined via permutation. We have achieved a prediction accuracy of 0.34 g/L or 0.19 %.

Exceptional high precision

CV < 0.2 %

High accuracy

RMSEC < 0.5 g/L or MAPE < 0.5 %

Figure 2: Predicted vs. measured plot of glycerol in water in the concentration range from 20 g/L to 200 g/L using a PLS calibration model to determine the prediction accuracy.

Further information:

CLADE instrument qualification packages (GMP)

MIRA Analyzer Model MA8 Technical Specification