Rapid and Simultaneous Protein Analysis

CLADE™ QA Scan combines different analytical methods in one click to result:

• Multiple quality attributes for protein analysis

• One measurement run (< 4 min)

• No need for sample preparation

• Achieve unmatched precision (< 0.5 %CV)

• Take the chance for low detection limits (> 0.03mg/mL)

• Minimize maintenance and calibration effort

• Increase overall efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple   

CLADE™ QA Scan simultaneously provides quantitative and qualitative analysis for:

•Protein Concentration

•Protein Secondary Structure

•Protein Identity and Integrity (Similarity of Total Spectra)

•Surfactants Concentration (e.g., Polysorbate 20/80)

•Excipients Concentration

•pH Value

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